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A gym where workouts are designed around your goals by coaches who can help you get it done.

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Why Come to Dynamic?

  • Reach meaningful goals with less time in the gym.

    We’re all about ditching wasted effort. Nothing we do to help our clients do is without purpose. Not a rep is wasted and not an exercise is without a reason. This means that every rep you do in every workout you have with us will get you closer.

  • Workout in a fun environment with like-minded people.

    We work hard to keep the environment loose. Keeping the studio light-hearted and fun aligns with our reasons behind working with you-to enjoy life.

  • Get more for your money.

    Because we’re not a gym of personal trainers we don’t charge clients an hourly rate to be one-on-one with a coach. This means that you get coaching when you need it and more time in the gym for less money out of your pocket.

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Experience first hand how we help and guide people just like you to the goals that they set for themselves.

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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

I enjoy the structure and organization. When I come in to workout I don't have to think about a workout or worry about whether or not what I'm doing will get me results. It's all done for me and I can focus on my workout.

Stephanie Gilbert
Stephanie Gilbert Long-Time Client

I like how the coaches took it slow and didn't rush through drills. They took the time to explain every drill and explained why each detail was important. I found that my running form got better throughout, which in turn made me faster.

Cameron Molan
Cameron Molan All-State Wide Receiver

Not Sure if Dynamic is the Right Fit?

  • If you want to cut to the chase and get clarity on your results with help from coaches that have done it before then Dynamic is the place you want to be.
  • We are in a home garage where 2 little boys live (in the house, not the garage). So if you don't like that... Or kids, we're not for you. And that's okay!
  • We have a lot of fun in the studio with clients and coaches. And although we rarely take ourselves seriously, we're seriously serious about helping you feel better, move better, and be in better shape.
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