Why Goal Setting is a Crock

Why Goal Setting is a Crock

I think setting goals is a load of crap. Positive thinkers and people who make a living off of being inspirational always talk about setting goals. I’m not against goals but I do believe that goals aren’t a silver bullet for accomplishing things.

I think setting goals is a crock because there’s a whole lot more to achieving goals than knowing what you want.

There’s more work that goes into it reaching success than simply measurably defining it. There needs to be a clear vision of how you’re going to get it done and there has to be commitment. I want both of my boys to be independent and critical thinkers but just because I know what that is and what it looks like doesn’t mean that they’ll grow up to be that way unless I commit to teaching them to think that way as I raise them. 

Goals are nothing without a plan of action. 

When you’re considering the things that you want to accomplish with your training or workout routine it’s critical that there’s clarity on what it looks like to actually work toward the goals.

There needs to be consideration for things like, how many times can I feasibly workout in a week? What will my workouts look like? What kind of exercises will help me reach my goals?

Every time we have a client come in, whether they’re an athlete or someone who wants to be healthier, they go through an evaluation process that shows things like mobility, overall heart health, strength, and more. This evaluation is a starting point. It gives details about where the client’s starting and when the goals become defined it gives the desired result or the ending point.

Now there’s a point A and a point B. The important thing now is to put together a road map, a plan of action that will get you from where you’re at to where you want to be.

If an offensive lineman has a report date of August 16th and they’re walking in on May 21st, we know how many days we have to work with them. They know they need to put on on 15lb [preferably muscle], he needs to improve his blocking skills post-engagement.

Using the things he talked about we can put together a plan of action, and in this case it would look like high volume strength training, plyometrics, and grip strengthening exercises such as bottoms up kettlebell work, deadlifts, and carries (Technically speaking we’d put together a more comprehensive plan that would involve more grip specific exercises while altering common strength training exercises to address grip strength).  

When you’re trying to develop a road map or plan of action to reach your goals you’ll need ask questions about frequency; how many times will be able to train from beginning to end? This is a little easier to answer if you break it up by training sessions/week. Time might also be a restriction. A lot of our summer athletes are working jobs to pay for living expenses while they’re away at school. You may also need to consider your overall nutrition and/or availability of nutritious foods. 

When you’re goal setting there are a couple of ways that it could go; you can write them down and can accept and work around it or they can commit to what they want and change the behaviors.

Either way, wanting to reach a goal and committing to reaching a goal are very different.

When you move your activity indoors and you start thinking about goals this fall make sure you consider your plan of attack and organize yourself in a way that will help you reach your goals.

Remember, setting a goal and leaving it at that isn’t enough. Setting goals only works when it’s followed up with a plan of attack and commitment.

If you’d like to learn more about our process and how we help people reach their goals faster i’d encourage you to schedule and eval.

We can guide you through the process and sit down afterwards to talk about what you can do to reach your goals!

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