Human performance. Built differently.

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Why Dynamic Strength & Performance?

Human performance. Built differently.

We start with you. Your workouts are based on your ability and your goals. We help you begin from the ground up by focusing on healthy movement patters and human performance. A smart approach is used to make sure you’ll never do anything unsafe or too difficult. We help you walk the fine line between just hard enough and unnecessarily difficult. We’ve helped people with difficulties such as chronic low back aches, plantar fasciitis and more. If you’re looking for a way to get smarter results faster so that you can save time and be in the best shape of your life, we can help.

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Fitness for Men?

Why Not! These men found it awesome!

Since the time our fitness salon opened up its doors for the very first time, there always was a conventional feeling that fitness is more of a girly thing, than a manly one. No one could have been more wrong! Just in the last 10 years our fitness center’s men/women attendees ration skyrocketed from 10/90 to 35/65! This means that each third of our fitness club’s attendees is a man who just loves keeping up in shape while doing fitness!

Our Coaches

Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson
Bear Slayer
Samantha Foster
Samantha Foster
The Machine
Michael Howell
Michael Howell
Jordan Hatfield
Jordan Hatfield
Big Foot Expert

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Hear What People Like You Have to Say...

I love that whatever I need help with whether it is getting faster, stronger or getting down to a healthy weight, Dynamic hones in on that and focuses on helping me reach my goals.

Cameron Molan All-State Wide Receiver

I came in knowing a fair amount about athletic performance but the style of training here was different from what I knew and so it made me skeptical and raise a lot of questions, but I fully trust my coaches here and they were able to teach me why things were done and how it…

Paul Johnson 2x NNFL Rushing Leader

Overall training at Dynamic has changed how I think about my body as an athlete, while making sure my body stays healthy and ready for competition.

Lexie Harman NPJ Standout

During my average games and practices I would hit a wall about half way but after training with Dynamic I was able to compete longer, harder and faster than ever before. It felt great to be an athlete training at Dynamic. You were the center of attention every time you walked in and they care…

Garret Yunker All-State Strong Safety

Before I began training with Dynamic, my workouts consisted of plyometric training and practicing jumping. they changed into only doing the programs provided by Dynamic. As the season started I incorporated Dynamic workouts and practicing jumping. I saw positive results in my body and how I performed. My first meet of the season I beat…

Kalulu NG’aida Nationally Ranked High Jumper

I’d recommend Dynamic to every athlete, because [they] know what they are doing. They listen and answer any question someone may have. If they do not have the answer, they will research and find the answer.

Brittany Sims Golden Gloves National Champion